08 September 2008

What one citizen of Wasilla, Alaska, says about Palin

This originally was an e-mail circulated by Anne Kilkenny. It has since been reproduced numerous places on the Internet, but I sought a source that had published it with her permission.


Work Home Union said...

I read this article about Palin and it's a tad alarming. Thanks for the vote on my "thisisby" article .. B

Eric Lester said...

That is a very good article, right to the point, and quite believable. My impressions of Caribou Barbie fit this description quite well.


Jeffrey Miller said...


Just stopping by to say "Hi!" and to thank you for adding my blog to your list of TIBU writers. That is so thoughtful of you.

Take care for now and see you again soon--either here, TIBU, or my blog.