20 September 2006


Or, how I could have been a country music song writer

Charlie and Ruby June’s Champale Party

Charlie and Ruby June
had been to the hogwaller in Walhaller
and since it was early yet,
they decided to have a little celebration.

Charlie, inspired by the pigs,
wanted to roll around in the mud some,
but Ruby June objected
‘cause she had a new dress.

They ended up parked in the bushes
behind Custer’s Last Stand Restaurant
in the back of Charlie’s pick-up
drinkin’ rum and slurpies.

Ruby June got it in her head
she’d dance on the hood of the truck,
but Charlie was worried she’d dent it,
so she had to settle for the truck bed.

Charlie even turned on an oldies station
and danced with Ruby June—
‘course he’d already started on the champale
and had more than his share of the rum.

Dancin’ like that, real close, his hands on her behind,
Ruby June remembered why she’d married Charlie.
She didn’t say a word when he turned off the radio
so the truck battery wouldn’t go dead.

She just kissed him
and licked behind his ear the way he liked
and whispered, “Screw the cap on the champale,
sugar, so it don’t go flat.”

18 September 2006

Wicked stuff

Even though I had nothing to do with furthering this particular skill, I'm still proud to say that this is the work of a former student. Only three years out of Collins, she's able to choose her clients, name her price, and work no more than a few hours a week. Not that I think she isn't constantly doing what she loves. You don't get this good if you don't love it.

But don't take my word for it:

Life in Vector

The coolest part is to scroll over the images and see the underlying vectors. Amazing.