02 July 2011

Oven-Free till October

It all started innocently enough, with the idea that grilled pizza would entertain our nieces on their most recent overnight visit. It was such a success we started to think what else we might cook on the grill. We had some grilled vegetables left over from the pizza, a pie crust in the freezer... Why not?

It turns out that there is a dearth of recipes for grilled quiche on the Internet. I did find a couple of sources, none of them starting with a frozen crust. I decided to take my chances anyway. For those of you who want to try this at home, I didn't bake the crust first, just put some fork holes in the bottom and put everything together: grilled mushrooms, squash, onions, and sweet peppers; four medium eggs, beaten; a generous amount of grated cheese.

We heated the grill to 350 and cooked for maybe 30 or 40 minutes. It does help to have a grill with a temperature gauge. We turned the temperature down at the end, and it probably would have stayed fluffier if we had taken it off then. But it tasted fabulous.

Having mastered that challenge, we've now set a lofty goal for ourselves: not to use the oven all summer. We've done pizza again, and our second attempt was even better than the first. I'm not sure that we will ever want pizza in an oven again. I am now mentally sifting through my culinary repertoire in search of the near impossible. A co-worker bet me that I couldn't bake bread. We'll just see about that.

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