19 March 2008

Well, I did call it the house of pleasure

Or, yeah, now I know what brought you here

Inspired by the A Squared blog, of which I am a patron (though not often enough), I installed a nifty little doohickey here (I'm sure there's a real word for it, just as sure as I'm sure I'm using too many parentheses) that tells me where my traffic is linking from.

Now I'm not so sure I wanted to know. (And if you have innocent eyes, you won't click on the Google link down the right sidebar to find out. In fact, you'd best not read any further.)

You see, I sort of named the blog on a lark, really on sort of a dare from someone who probably never thought I'd take him seriously. But since I couldn't come up with anything better, well, it kind of stuck. For any but the geekiest among you, or those who become inexplicably drawn to the charm of my ramblings, there's probably little pleasure to be had here.

But back to my story. (You see, I'm all about the sidetrack, the unplanned detour. That's why I need so many parentheses. I pray they're never rationed.)

It all happened because I have this pet peeve about the word pussy. Not its use in general necessarily, though it's usually gratuitous, but in particular the usage that connotes weakness. Every one of us was born, and I think that most of our mothers would tell us it was no mean feat. Well, my sister can't tell her children that, having set a land speed record for giving birth even with an epidural, but that's another story.

All other evidence of power aside, this is enough to prove to me there's nothing weak about pussy. And I made a great fuss about it in a post about what some radio personalities said, and blah, blah, you can just read the post yourself.

I guess the pertinent detail is that, having a lack of talent for titles that should be obvious to anyone who's read this far, I simply called the post "Pussy." Following my blog title, that evidently results in just the right combination of key words that has undoubtedly frustrated more than a couple of Googlers. (If any of you have read this far, please accept my apologies. Feel free to stick around a while, if you're so inclined.)

Having installed a visit counter a while back, I'd been a little surprised to see some modest increases, enough to total more than the number of my acquaintances, knowing there's not much to draw the random visitor. I thought perhaps my scintillating prose on TIBU had amassed such attention, though I guess I would have a post titled "Hands Off My Clitoris" largely to thank for that. Ah, if only I'd known.

While I may have to let go of the delusion that I lure unwitting souls with my seductive prose, if nothing else, perhaps I have proven the power of pussy once and for all.


ahickpoet said...

Oh, I guess you can't click on the link to see the search parameters. Now how did I do that the first time, I wonder?

nadinada said...

sweet lorelei, you're wings ahead of me, but i've found you here.
just another logolove in space, nadine

Jeffrey Miller said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving some comments. I am adding you to my blog list.

Take care and please stay in touch.



So, let me get this straight. If I want more traffic, I should pornify my blog titles?

Hmmmm... who would have thought that people use the internet for that... ?

Eric Lester said...

Hey. How nice of you to link to my poor neglected book reviews. Thanks. I probably should have called it "Reading for Pleasure," or something like that.

TheAntagonist said...

Well first off I noticed the link on the sidebar, I can't thank you enough for that. Secondly, my even handedness is often a bane as well as a boon, ask my wife about that one. I really do not understand all the hullabaloo, I take certain criticism of my writing and my thought process differently than most, blame the slight multiple personality disorder (one I have cultivated over many a year) but I take everyone and everything as it comes, considering the source and trying to understand from whence the source comes. You provoke nothing in me but the voice that pushes me to become a better, clearer and more concise writer. I also understand that others may not see it that way, and I respect that too. Please don;t be scared off by the fact that there is some conflict within the ranks, treat my posts as usual, if I feel some line has been crossed I will gently say so.

Pussy as a connotation of weakness. Now that's one thing I never really thought of before. I know the organ makes me weak, but that's another story.

I tend to use the word that way too, much like I get angry when people use the N word as a form of "man," I can see where that would annoy. Origins aside its good to be aware of the connotations as well as the definitions.

As far as you and I are concerned, we're all good.


Always a good read from you...even if the title of this blog makes me think of pancakes.