08 December 2007

I'm all about instant gratification

Yeah, I know that's no surprise to any of you. But here's what's brought this to mind:

It's that time of year again. Time to make the Christmas ornaments. For several years now, I've made ornaments from used light bulbs as presents for family members. It's not because I'm cheap; it's because I'm poor. Besides, I'm recycling.

For years I've also planned to write an article on how to make these ornaments. Many of you may also know that I plan a lot more writing than I actually do.

That's beginning to change now that I've discovered how many user-generated content sites are willing to pay me pennies for my literary masterpieces. I'm writing more than I have in years, and all because the minute I click the "publish" button, I have instant readership. I've even become a shameless self-promoter.

All of this has me writing more than I have in years, which is promising. It's hardly what I'd call lucrative, but perhaps I can channel this energy into seeking more traditional publishing outlets and eventually earn a sum that isn't embarrassing to mention. (Writing certainly holds more promise for me than photography, as you can, um, clearly see.)

So today I finished the instructions for light-bulb ornaments and published them on eHow. In the spirit of recycling, I plan to submit them to Associated Content as well.

And in the spirit of shameless self-promotion:

How to Make Christmas Ornaments from Light Bulbs

Now it's time to make the Christmas ornaments.

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