03 August 2006

Unfurl that double standard

Mel Gibson has vehemently denied his anti-Semitism and specifically apologized for any remarks he made that would have offended Jews.

The early reports were that Gibson made both anti-Semitic and sexist remarks, but the media flurry has focused almost entirely on anti-Semitism. Perhaps this is partly because of his now-stalled project on the Holocaust, but I think it's also another case of our looking the other way when it comes to the denigration of women. It's somehow more okay to put someone down for her gender than for her ethnicity.

I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record, really I do. And it's really not my intention. I'm starting to get bored with myself. But could the press please cut me a break here?

In the meantime, Mr. Gibson, I'll still be awaiting my apology.

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